Sweet Life Café

One of the founding experiences in my career as a food advocate was the seven years I spent as owner of the Sweet Life Cafe in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. We served one of the best vegeburgers on the planet (and on rare occasion I still make a batch) and we were a focal point for the whole food  and vegetarian community on the island. One of the aspects of this that was most rewarding for me is that our clientele included not only the obvious “new age” practitioners and Rastafarai, but “regular” folk from all walks of life. We served good food, and non-vegetarians enjoyed coming. Even my mother liked it.

Here are some menus and snaps from the period. Whoa, $6.00 for a sandwich in the 80s?  Hey, it was St. Thomas. Practically everything had to be shipped in (though there was this rasta farmer who grew the best collard greens I’ve ever had).