The Real Food Advocate is Bert Jackson; cook, musician, designer and facilitator. Bert was a student of macrobiotics for several years, and served as a founding member and president of the Macrobiotic Organization of St. Thomas in the mid/late 1980s. He was the owner/chef at the Sweet Life Café, a ground-breaking natural foods restaurant in St. Thomas, for seven years, which was a gathering point for the casual and serious followers of natural food living.

Bert moved to Cape Cod in the early 1990s, and changed careers to satisfy the technical aspects of his nature. But the call of the food was compelling, so after a time he began to speak, informally at first, about the virtues of eating real foods. He still follows his technical pursuits, but these are now becoming the vehicle to express ideas about real food, prepared simply.

Bert is committed to sharing not only his own philosophies about living a whole food lifestyle, but in curating information from others who share his view.

Real food, that which is minimally processed, grown organically, prepared simply and eaten with awareness and appreciation, is immensely satisfying to our bodies and our souls.